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who we are.

Steep is a modern, plant based, tea trailer that specializes in tea lattes and elixirs. We aim to craft the best beverages using premium loose leaf teas, organic superfoods, and adaptogens. 

This isn't your average cup of tea

Our tea lattes are made with an espresso machine, creating a shot of tea loaded with flavor, antioxidants, and caffeine equivalent to coffee espresso. Amongst our famous tea lattes, we also serve exotic refreshers, elixirs and herbal CBD Teas "CBTeas".

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We believe in doing things right.

We use the highest quality loose leaf tea to craft one of a kind beverages with your health in mind. Each ingredient we put into our beverages is selected with care because quality is important. We are proud to say that our ingredients are certified non-GMO, organic and ethically sourced. Steep believes in making a difference for your health and for the planet. All of our cups, straws and napkins are derived from plant based materials that are 100% compostable. 

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